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Technology Days

Showcasing technology that works for people

Atos is making the most of Vivatech to present an experimental Lab designed around four main themes (Industry 4.0, FinTech, Cybersecurity & Defence and Tech for Good), showing how technology and smart data can support people in their work.

The 40 conferences and 32 start-up partners reflect the innovative ecosystem that makes up the group and demonstrate its ability to face up to the issues currently affecting the market.

This event, which is a crucial moment for this employer, is the opportunity for Atos to attract new talent.

Alongside this event, the Group will also be present at the 4th edition of Technology Days where people will see some of the latest ways that technology can be used.

This represents an important moment since Thierry Breton, CEO, will reveal a new server that has been an important objective in the Group’s strategy on data management for the smart objects of the future.