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SNAP X Alex Israël

Exploring new forms of creativity

For the past three years, Snapchat has bypassed the typical yacht, beach hut or midnight concert to celebrate creativity according to its own rules.

For the third year, the ghost brand has been taking advantage of the Lions International Creativity Festival in Cannes to explore new forms of creation and exchange through artistic and immersive experiences.

In 2019, SNAP coopoerates with Alex Israël at the Malmaison Art Centre to create a phygytal exhibition inspired by the artist’s self-portraits. By adopting pop culture as his language, his work represents a cool and learned meditation on a world fuelled by fame and influence.

Snap offers the artist a new territory of expression using its technology showed through in this interactive exhibition. It presents 5 works that invite the public to a new experience of painting, but also to a psychedelic walk through the self-portraits of Alex Israël and Los Angeles, Snap’s hometown.