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Please touch the Thread

The artistic combination of ancestral know-how and cutting-edge technological innovation.

The exhibition “Please touch the Thread” celebrates the implementation of this meeting under the aegis of Google Arts & Culture and Jacquard by Google, a direct tribute to the French inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard who developed – at the dawn of the 19th century – the automation of weaving looms. It was indeed the programmable perforated cards of these innovative trades that, inspired, a century later, the first steps in IT. The loop is therefore closed.

Like an invisible link, Jacquard yarn makes it possible to inject connectivity into all textiles and therefore pushes the boundaries ever further. The residence is intended to be both a source of inspiration and a bridge, offering unparalleled expertise in the field as well as real-time logistical support. This allowed the three selected Artists : Chloé Bensahel, Amor Muñoz et OMA Space, to work freely according to their requirements throughout the Project.