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Orange Business Summit

The launch of 5G in France

The Orange Business Summit is an event that allows the company to speak to the public. At the summit almost 1900 guests, including partners, customers, and experts from the group, are able to discover inspirational technologies and solutions through a series of workshops, conferences, keynote addresses and other experience-based demonstrations.

The hotly anticipated 2019 edition saw Stéphane Richard share Orange’s ambition and commitment to roll out the 5th generation of mobile phone networks throughout the country.

This key moment for the brand highlights how the leading French telecommunications operator works with its customers and partners and invests in the future. The goal being to achieve a genuine technological leap forward, one that will be a catalyst for the digitisation of companies and the economy.

To do this, the summit is marked by a design that enables three distinct brands – Orange, Orange Business Services (OBS) and 5G – to be present at the same time. It even makes it possible for them to come together around the major issues at stake. These include not only talking about innovation to customers, and being a vector of influence for the launch of 5G with companies, but also speaking on behalf of Orange in line with brand codes.