Phenomenal House

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"To launch its new campaign, Nike wanted to showcase innovation and urban football values in an unprecedented way."

Client Nike
Location Paris
Date 2014
Nike<br>Phenomenal House
Nike<br>Phenomenal House

Nike has been a main player in the world of football for the past 20 years. While providing top of the range equipment to international teams, Nike also supports some of the great athletes of the game. From Christiano Ronaldo to Neymar Jr, the swoosh brand has become part of football history, and serves as an inspiration to young footballers.

Since 2014 Nike is the leading global supplier (of what exactly?). Through constant innovation it improves athlete performance, and creates better spectator value by increasing the excitement and intensity of the game, and igniting the passion of young football enthusiasts.

Innovation is as essential in urban culture as it is in football. To launch its new campaign - Risk everything - Nike wanted to showcase innovation and urban football values in an unprecedented way.

Nike<br>Phenomenal House

Carreau du Temple was chosen as the unusual setting for the Nike football immersion experience. It was transformed into a football temple called Phenomenal House, where the brand’s innovations and influence on the history of the game was displayed.

As part of the Nike celebration, a tournament of 5 players on each side was held in an enclosed space - another way to underline the influence that urban culture has on football today.

Artists and leading performers like rapper Rim’K, graphic designer Tealer, and Joey Starr of NTM joined the crew at Phenomenal House.

The adventure ended with a test-run of the new Magista shoe in a room illuminated by light and lasers! Epic!

Nike<br>Phenomenal House
Risk Everything

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