Smart Fortwo

"all FOR more. FOR more surprises, FOR more amusement, FOR more fun!"

Client Mercedes Benz
Date July 2015
Location Hangzhou
Mercedes-Benz<br> Smart Fortwo
Mercedes-Benz<br> Smart Fortwo

High agility, a small turning circle, eco friendly and a whole lot of comfort and clever functions. The smart fortwo is a car that shows true greatness in these disciplines. 2015 was the beginning of a new era for smart. The revolution for city traffic reinvented itself once again – and was more fun than ever before.

All FOR more. FOR more surprises, FOR more amusement, FOR more fun! “For More” was the claim of the launch for the all-new smart fortwo. Therefore, what did we do? We incorporated “For More” in a cheerful, and action packed TV Show themed evening, where the happy, friendly, colorful, and urban essence of smart was represented not only in the main show, but in all aspects of the event; appealing to our target audiences such as the media, KOL’s, existing customers, and prospects along with the millions of viewers across China through live broadcast.

Mercedes-Benz<br> Smart Fortwo

By boosting production quality and interactivities, we designed an event that was truly “For More”; and at the same time, was also able to transmit smart fortwo’s “Urban Joy” through entertaining activities, shows, and props/gifts.

Through the production of a TV show themed event, we gathered international dance celebrities: Peralta Twins for the opening act, and Chinese celebrities: Xie Na, Li Weijia, Han Geng, Lou Yixiao, A Lin, Ning Huanyi, Zhang Junning, and Wang Zulan to engage in team challenges and games while interacting efficiently with our audiences via digital solutions.