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The shopping center of 2030

Discover the shopping mall of 2030

For this new edition of Vivatech, Klépierre the pan-European leader in shopping malls is inviting visitors into a space designed around the signature image of the group “Shop. Meet. Connect.®” Visitors will be able to test out a real customer 3.0 experience and see the technological innovations that were co-created with the big labels present in its shopping centres, like H&M, Lacoste or even Maisons du Monde.

For this latest edition of VivaTech, Klépierre has partnered up with Renault, for the first time, to promote new forms of mobility. It has also renewed its partnership with Microsoft for its Start-up challenges which look at how to make people fall in love with the experiences once more and how to firmly anchor it around both the environment and society.