13MY 3D Projection Tour Event

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Client Jaguar
Date 2013
Location Shanghai
Jaguar<br>13MY 3D Projection Tour Event
Jaguar<br>13MY 3D Projection Tour Event

Towards the end of 2012, Jaguar launched the Jaguar 13MY Campaign, introducing the POWERTRAIN 13MY in the 2013 Model Year XF and XJ ranges. To kick-start the campaign, Jaguar wanted to showcase the new engine tailor-made for the Chinese Market without making a significant change to the exterior design of the vehicle. The challenge Auditoire faced was how to generate a creative experience in a unique and luxurious way for audiences and guests.

Using cutting-edge 3D video mapping projection, Auditoire was able to bring to life a life-size, translucent, virtual version of the Jaguar XJ Ultimate. To interact with the installation, consumers were asked to answer a quick quiz on a tactile tablet, which defined their profile and activated one of four videos.

Jaguar<br>13MY 3D Projection Tour Event

The videos were then mapped onto the translucent, virtual car, showcasing consumers’ driving preferences and style and reinforcing an emotional bond with Jaguar. Through this digital interaction, and as the projections were mapped on the virtual car, consumers were able to enjoy a personalized experience of the new 13MY.

The interactive installation of the Jaguar 13MY engine was first launched on October 5 in Beijing and continued to run in luxury shopping malls and high-traffic outdoor areas in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Sanya, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou until January 11, 2013.