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Inauguration of the National Museum of Qatar

How to sublimate an already sublime work?

The desert rose of Jean Nouvel is, like any desert rose, a construction that is both unique and rich of its various strata. Its ​inauguration must be conceived as a tailor-made experience. Every detail illustrates the richness of the Qatari culture and addresses guests individually. By opening the rose to diversity, the ceremony demonstrates Qatar’s willingness to open up to the world.

Beyond the affirmation of a culture, this monuments inauguration is historic in that it represents a promise of a united nation.

To reinforce this message, both local people and top names of culture and world politics are invited to attend this grand banquet of culture. This marks the achievement of an entire community.

By sharing a meal created by Alain Ducasse, which pays tribute to the link between this nation and the ocean; attending a choir made up of 250 children from 250 ethnic groups representing the different constituent populations of the country; the live broadcast of the event; the choreography of fireworks moving on an original composition of Jeff Beal; a continuous plurality of highlights, lingering with infinite care on every detail, makes this event an invitation to meet a nation.