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Hennessy Declassified

The digital & physical dimensions come together to unlock the secrets of Hennessy

The “Hennessy Declassified” is a tailor-made exhibition created to educate the consumers about Hennessy’s savoir-faire and cognac culture, to showcase the versatility of drinking occasions, and to create limited offerings and desirable experiences through collaborations with young and trendy icons in town.

The concept behind the exhibition is to create an experience that would bring the digital and physical dimensions together in an immersive environment to let the audience physically step inside the untold stories of Hennessy and interact with the brand’s history on a digital level.

The exhibition comprises 8-themed areas and private Masterclasses. The visitors are given a physical key to be used to trigger the interaction at each digital installation and finally unlock all the secrets of the brand.




Day activation


Visitors per city