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Paris Peace Forum

Global Governance, a pathway to peace

The challenges the world faces—climate change, terrorism, migration, cyber insecurity and the like—ignore borders. Addressing them requires international cooperation and collective action. However, collaboration is increasingly difficult as countries are turning inward. Today, the international community fails at producing the needed solutions.In order to work on the problematics the second edition of The Paris Peace Forum fosters hybrid coallitions by gathering actors of global governance. They showcase and support concrete projects that are either normative (instruments of law, standards, and good practices) or capacity-building (new institutions, mechanisms, and innovations).

Our long-term collaboration with the Paris Peace Forum, as an Official Partner and event agency is set to last another two years. It provides us with the perfect environment in wich to grow our approach to responsible events and new ways of furthering the CSR agenda. At the project level, each and every one of our teams was named CSR ambassador, our tasked with making environmentally responsible choices, such as finding ways to lower their digital pollution. For that matter we have been using the Workplace platform, wich helped reduce our email flow by 20%.We also worked on creating a socially inclusive ecosystem as we integrated disabled workers in our design team, and opted to work with a hostess agency committed to hiring staff from a social and professional reintegration program.In terms of production, we did our best to use only recycled or recyclable materials, limited the use of carpeting, and favored LED lighting and green generators.

The 2019 edition of the PPF inaugurated the Peace Games : a game designed for people to work together on real problems that the wold is facing. But also the Peace Globe: a wooden globe where every head of state left an object that represented peace for them. For this second edition we counted 7000 visitors, 114 governance projects pitched, 80 debates occured, 30 heads of states who attended and over 135 delegations on the forum.


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