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A Mirage in the desert

When Cartier throws a party, there’s nothing quite like it. And when it happens in Dubai, it truly becomes an event for the ages. Guests from around the world came together to celebrate in an evening of revelry, aptly named Cartier Mirage.

The sensational show took place at La Mer, with the the largest ever 3D hologram screen displaying the iconic Cartier panther roaming the night. The signature moment from the event, known around the world thanks to it becoming an instant Instagram sensation, was when Cartier took over the sky, illuminating the night with 250 drones. Accompanying the evening’s festivities was award-winning singer Mika, who entertained 300 VIP guests prior to giving an energetic concert to an audience of 700. And to close off the night? Cartier’s VIP clients danced the night away alongside regional and international celebrities to the tunes spun by DJ duo Simi and Haze Khadra. Though it might sound like a dream, the event was no mirage and will live on as one of Cartier’s most legendary nights.